Painting Studio Workshops with Robert Parkin

Join me for tutored painting studio workshops focusing on wildlife, nature, and landscape, painting in partnership with groups and organisations such as The National Trust, WWT (Wildfowl and Wetland Trust) and with The Nature Trusts in the UK.

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 painting titled Almost Time by artist Robert Parkin
‘Almost Time’

“My time in Canada has been all to brief. Not surprisingly perhaps the one feeling that lingers on in the memory is the overwhelming scale of the landscape. In this picture Iíve tried to catch the ‘feeling’ rather than the place. The foreground features and almost dominates, but not quite. And as you walk in that landscape the ground immediately in front of you never seems to recede and thereís always another crest to a hill giving way to yet more land. At the same time the mountains rise away and the scale becomes distorted and distance impossible to say. To the wildlife all this is just home. The Bear emerges from hibernation to a landscape giving way from the grip of winter to more fruitful times.”

God bless ye merry gentlemen

“Keep drawing, and keep painting. You have a wonderful style - colour comes to you naturally. I will treasure the little drawing of the Elephant…” (quote from David Shepherd, the painter of giants, to Robert Parkin, after exhibiting together.)

“I wish you could spend some time in my garden. The pool and island look so beautiful in autumn, and having seen your work I can't think of anyone better qualified to paint them…” (quote from Norman Thellwell, writer and artist, visiting an exhibition of Robert's work.)

‘I See You’ (Tawny Owl in Scots Pine) by artist Robert Parkin

In July 2009, Artists for Conservation Foundation invited me to become a signature member of the group.

Artists for Conservation logo

I was delighted to accept as a recognition of my work and, together with my wife Angela, our work in the world of wildlife and landscape conservation.