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Earthscapes in Schools

Schools and teachers are looking for ways to reintroduce young people to the land and the environment around them. Earthscapes offer an exciting, fun and hands-on experience that children of all ages and abilities enjoy.

earthscape 1 by Robert Parkin

An Earthscape Workshop

From experience we have found it best to work with small groups of children and young people (a maximum of 20).

They are able to work as individuals working on a single Earthscape panel, or as a group (4 to a group, with no more than 6 groups), creating individual larger pieces of work.

Earthscape panels are created on backing boards. Individually, they are usually 30cms. x 30cms. but can be up to 60cms. x 60cms. Group panels can be larger.

All the materials that we use are non-toxic, in fact most of the material is natural.

Each of the works can hang as a finished piece in it's own right, or they can combine to create a large work or collage.

The time devoted to a workshop is discussed with the teachers involved, but usually in a primary school covers two periods, meaning that we are able to work with one group in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Before and during the workshop we encourage the children to explore and experience wild places, and to ‘relate’ the work they are doing to the natural world they live in.

We supply all the materials that the children need to produce a finished Earthscape panel. However, we are able to use materials that they have collected themselves. If the children are to collect individual items, we work with the school some weeks prior to the workshop to ensure that what they collect can be used.

Painting Workshops

I've been working with kids for a long time. Usually small groups both in and out of school. There's something with the fancy title of ‘Environment Deficit Disorder’ I think it means, we don't get out enough! What it means to me, especially where young people are concerned, is that we don't live with the natural world enough, and that's bad! What I try to do with the children that I work with is to abandon the need to be near an electric point, and instead be near to and interpret the natural world.

Touch, feel, smell, listen and follow, then use art to interpret what they think and feel.

picture of wolf coming soon

In this case the Canadian Timber Wolf, in Mid-Wales!

Thatís the amazing thing about the mind and art, you can go anywhere, and see anything, whenever you want; it's called dreaming. For these kids in Wales it was a journey into the mind and habitat of a Wolf. What would it see? what would it share? How would we capture that, and put it onto paper. The journey took us on, looking at the technique of drawing and painting without losing the excitement of what we were trying to do.

Painting Workshop

Painting workshops in Primary Schools usually cover two periods and can be both morning and afternoon. Workshops can be indoor or, weather permitting, outdoor.

In High Schools and Colleges, I work with the teaching staff to cover individual time slots and free periods.

They are more productive with small groups of children. However, I have worked with larger groups (maximum of 20). With larger groups I have found it better to forward worksheets to the teachers, allowing some preparation.

I am able to create very individual workshops for schools that cover single or repeated visits.

We are able to theme the workshops and finished artwork to create an exhibition of the work.

We supply and introduce our own materials. I would normally liase with the art department or art teacher prior to any workshop.

For more information about our work in schools and with young people, please contact Robert Parkin, either by or by 'phone on +44 (0)1751 432 948