drawing of tigers
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‘Portraits of Nature’

A series of limited edition prints (the originals are in a private collection) of pen and wash drawings, available individually or as a collection.

sketch of otter

They celebrate the wildlife of one of Britainís most beautiful landscapes - the Scottish Highlands.

Portraits of Nature - Fox Portraits of Nature - Rabbit Portraits of Nature - Squirrel

Working Sketches

I would love to be able to say that most of my finished work was done on the spot; Ďplein airí. In truth, Iím inspired by what I see, and interpret my finished work from outdoors … and thatís where the sketchbook comes into its own. From small thumb nail drawings of particular landscapes to more detailed drawings in the case of wildlife, they offer a point of reference and an opportunity to experiment with design.

Otter sketch 1 Tiger sketch 1 Tiger sketch 2

I like to take a sketch and see how far that I can develop it into a ‘finished’ drawing. You are taking the most immediate language of art, and developing it with the aim being to lose none of that immediacy.

Wolf sketch 1 Wolf sketch 4 Wolf sketch 2

For me, developing a drawing into a finished piece of work is about retaining the freshness and, above all, the light; as in the case of the two foxes and the young lynx. You're still intrinsically sketching - but working in layers. The exciting bit is that all this can go wrong with a single mark. If it does, ‘hard luck’. Start again.

drawing of foxes drawing of tigers Fox sketch 3 drawing of young lynx

Working drawings in preparation for the painting ‘Christmas Past’. The painting reflects the rural landscape of Britain in the late 19th. century, in particular the village in winter. This would have been a site and landscape very familiar to the writer Thomas Hardy, and one that had not changed in centuries. Within forty years such scenes were just a memory.

Christmas Past sketch 3 Christmas Past sketch 1 Christmas Past sketch 2 Christmas Past sketch 4